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Bram Bessoff
Momentum: The secret to Finding & Retaining 10,000+ Super Fans
Watch it Now!
Simon Tam
How to Build a Successful Music Business in Just 15 Minutes a Day
Watch it Now!
Wallace Collins
Basic Legal Rights for the DIY Artist Trying to Make Money in Music
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Pascal Guyon
Outside of the Box Strategies for Music Monetization
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Vanessa Ferrer
Merch Better - Making Music Merchandise Work For You 
Watch it Now!
Renato Klimeck
Musicpreneur, Founder of Brisktip, Producer of SongCamp
Coming Soon
Paul K Saunders
Avoid The Audiences That Don't Listen By Using A Resource You Already Have To Create Your Own Tour!
(Special Bonus - Book A Show Right Now Without Calling A Booker, Promoter Or Bar Owner)
Coming Soon
Loren Weisman
Monetizing Your Musical Skill Sets By Branding Yourself Effectively
Watch it Now!
Bobby Owsinski
How To Find Your Brand
Watch it Now!
Evan Stein
From Pitch to Placement: The Essentials of Sync Licensing
Watch it Now!
Kevin Breuner
Getting Your Music Out to the World
Watch it Now!
Mathew Knowles
Founder of Music World Ent (Destiny's Child, Beyonce & more)
Coming Soon
Andrea Young
Best Practices for Promoting Your Music to Playlisters
Coming Soon
Emily White
Monetization of Songwriting via Synchs and Publishing
Watch it Now!
D Grant Smith
3 Essential Pieces For Relationship Growth
Watch it Now!
Sindee Levin
US Collections: The difference between Europe and the US
Watch it Now!
Benji Rogers
dotBlockChain Media CEO & Co-founder of PledgeMusic
Watch it Now!
Carlos Castillo
Musicpreneur Educator, Professional Superfan
Coming Soon
Kristin Grant
CEO of Westcott Multimedia
Coming Soon
Rodney Holder
How to Write the Perfect Sponsorship Proposal
Watch it Now!
Raphaël Noir
7 Tips to Sharpen Your Stage Act
Watch it Now!
Charles White/Casino Smooth
How to Speed Up Your Music Career into Success
Watch it Now!
Greg Wilnau
The Secret to Earning Dependable Income Playing Live Music
Watch it Now!
Terry Moorer
Author, Speaker, Music Business Coach
Coming Soon
Jae Cabrera
2017 TIMA Nominee
Coming Soon
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