Monetize Your Music
Monetize Your Music
March 11 - 18, 2018
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▼ What Exactly is SongCamp? ▼
SongCamp: Monetize Your Music is a 100% FREE online music summit.

It features some truly informative business-related workshops and insider interviews with some of music industry’s most respected and admired business experts!

When you join us during SongCamp, you’ll learn some of the most powerful music business strategies, expert tactics and much more from some of the best in the business. Thanks to the amazing workshops and interviews, that you’ll have exclusive access to, you’ll discover the BEST ways to launch, promote and expand your music career or music-based business.
See Who's Speaking
Mathew Knowles
Founder of Music World Ent (Destiny's Child, Beyonce & more)
Renato Klimeck
Musicpreneur, Founder of Brisktip, Producer of SongCamp
Wallace Collins
Entertainment Lawyer and Intellectual Property Attorney
Rodney Holder
Music Business Lecturer, Coach, & Entrepreneur
Charles White/Casino Smooth
Digital Marketing / YouTube Personality
Greg Wilnau
Drummer, bootstrapped full time income playing live music,
Kristin Grant
CEO of Westcott Multimedia
Loren Weisman
Brand Precision Marketing Strategist and Speaker
Kevin Breuner
VP of Marketing CD Baby
Bram Bessoff
Founder & President,
Pascal Guyon
Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Social Media Strategist
Sindee Levin
Entertainment Lawyer, Music Publishing Administrator
Terry Moorer
Author, Speaker, Music Business Coach
Emily White
Entrepreneur, Manager & Consultant
D Grant Smith
Radio Host, Speaker, Author and Growth Farmer
Benji Rogers
dotBlockChain Media CEO & Co-founder of PledgeMusic
Carlos Castillo
Musicpreneur Educator, Professional Superfan
Evan Stein
Owner, Experience Music Group
Andrea Young
Founder & Chief Playlisting Officer of Koral Young Group
Bobby Owsinski
Entrepreneur, Manager & Consultant
Raphaël Noir
Artistic Consultant For Music Performance
Simon Tam
Founder: The Slants, Last Stop Booking
Jae Cabrera
2017 TIMA Nominee
Vanessa Ferrer
Founder & CEO Merch Cat
Paul Saunders
Founder of 
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▼Here's What You'll Be Learning ▼
  •  How to Speed Up Your Music Career into Success
  •  The Secret to Finding & Retaining Fans
  • How to Build a Successful Music Business in Just 15 Minutes a Day
  •  Outside of the Box Strategies for Music Monetization
  •  How to Brand Yourself Effectively
  •  How To Write The Perfect Sponsorship Proposal
  •  Monetization of Songwriting via Synchs and Publishing
  •  Basic Legal Rights for the DIY Artist
  •  And so, so, SO much more!
 “Why spend thousands of dollars to learn from the real music industry experts when you can join SongCamp…absolutely free?”
Thanks to the very rare insider information and specific money-making strategies that’ll be shared with you during SongCamp, you’ll find out how to turn your passion and love for music into a real, sustainable music business.

This will be your one-time opportunity to not only make a bigger impact in the world of music for yourself, but to also learn how to turn your passion for music into real profits that can help you live the life you’ve always wanted!

Don’t miss out on this truly one-of-a-kind online music summit! Remember, it’s 100% FREE for you to join, so don’t kick yourself later for not being part of SongCamp!

SongCamp: Monetize Your Music will run from March 11th to March 18th, 2018
▼ See What Others Are Saying ▼
"Just wanted to say thank you to all of the instructors of SongCamp. This has been an amazing experience with tons of information and tips that I am implementing to my own work."

- Jessie J Bergen

"Thank you to everyone contributing to our education during SongCamp. What a wonderful experience and All Access means I can go back for review."

- William Topper
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it really free?
Yes! You can watch all the free sessions with every speaker when they go live from March 11 to 18, 2018 at no cost. There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.
Do I have to travel to the SongCamp?
Nope. SongCamp is an online summit, this means you can enjoy everything from the very comfort of your own home!
Where's the Agenda?
After you sign up you will receive an email with the SongCamp official agenda. You can pick notes and choose the sessions that you want to attend. 
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